Windows Audio Recorder Introduce
FULLY SUPPORT Windows Vista / Windows 7 Operation System Now!
Windows Audio Recorder is a sound recording program with built-in sound editor. It records sound generated, or requested, by other computer programs, such as RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Quick Time,WinAmp, and many others. The resulting files are saved in wave-file, MP3-file format. And it can edit audio files by cutting, copying, pasting, trimming.
For example, you can use Windows Audio Recorder to record:
  • Audio from the Internet, either audio files or live streams.
  • A conversation, if you use an Internet telephony program.
  • Music from a game program.
  • Edit recording files or existing audio files.
  • Convert Mp3 <-> Wav.
Key Features

An intelligent recorder

When you first start Windows Audio Recorder, Windows Audio Recorder will configure your sound card automatically. Just obey the prompts carefully. Then you can record what ever you like from your sound card. You do not have to set configuration manually. This is the major difference between Windows Audio Recorder and other sound recording tools.

Real time MP3 encoding

That means it will not occupy your memory when recording, once Windows Audio Recorder captured sound, it then encode the audio data to mp3 and write to disk directly, no temporary file production, not occupy your memory resouce.

Noise Gating Setting

Windows Audio Recorder can detect the sound volume automaticly, once the recording volume is lower than a specified value for some time, it then pause recording until the sound loudly once again, that means, you can get rid of the silence duration in your recording, as you like.

Built-in Sound Editor New !

Now this sound recorder is not only a recorder, it is also a sound editor that allows the user to edit recording or existing audio files by cutting, copping, pasting, trimming any duration of the sound. Also these actions are visual, and support unlimited Undo (and Redo).

Recording management New !

The Resulting File list box lets you manage your file recording easily. You can set the recording information and edit the resulting file with a simple mouse click on the list box. Click here to learn more.

Sampling settings

Windows Audio Recorder supports Sampling settings. To get higher quality recording, you can set the Sample rate, Mono or Stereo, and the Sample Bit, before recording. With its powerful sound engine, Recorder produces recordings with CD quality.

Audio Conversion

Don't worry about high quality recording taking a great deal of disk space. Windows Audio Recorder can convert wave-file format into Mp3-file format, which will reduce the file size by a factor of about 10.

Recording schedule support

Now Windows Audio Recorder supports recording schedule function. You can define all kinds of schedules for specified date, daily, weekly date, when to start recording or when to stop recording, also define a internet live radio url to record. Windows Audio Recorder will connect the url automaticly and record the content.

Supports Hotkeys

There are a number of hotkeys which allow you to control the recording functions of Windows Audio Recorder while you are working in other programs.

  • F7 - STOP

For example, you can start Windows Audio Recorder first and then run other computer programs. It's not necessary to switch to Windows Audio Recorder to start, stop or pause a recording. This means it will not be a bother for you to switch to Windows Audio Recorder to record sound when you are enjoying music or live streams. All you need to do is to press F5 to record directly.